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Posted January 29 2019

How To Calculate How Much Office Space You Need

How Much Space Do We Need? It is probably the first question you should ask yourself when embarking on your office search. Yet, it can be really hard to know how much space is needed for your team, not made easier by loose regulations meaning that office space providers all have their own variation on what constitutes the ‘normal’ amount o space per person. Additionally, there has been a change in how people work, so it isn’t always as straightforward as ‘how many desks do we need’ because offices require more than just a work environment in a lot of cases; breakout space, meeting rooms, quiet zones, think pods etc all take up more room than just banks of desks for staff.


With that in mind, how do you know what to ask for when looking at office space? The honest answer, annoyingly, is to go and see some options. However, by being as specific as possible with your broker, they can mediate between all the providers. We know the rough sizing each building operator offers and our extensive knowledge of the industry will ensure you get the most relevant options put in front of you. You can indicate how many staff you want, whether or not you want meeting space within your office, any breakout areas, hot desks for freelance or flexible members of the team; from here we can gauge a decent idea for you. Once you see a few spaces, you will know where the sweet spot between employee comfort and cost lies.


Of course, the offering between offices varies too. Some buildings have little to no extra perks or facilities and are very traditional, meaning you may prefer a larger private office within their premises to allow for downtime or space to make calls etc. On the flipside, there are plenty of workspace options that have huge communal areas, coworking areas, phone booths, free meeting rooms, games rooms, outdoor terraces and event space that mean you can scale down your individual space and encourage staff to utilise the extras the building has so that your office can be a convenient, no frills base.


Future planning and expansion, or even downsizing in this climate, are all things you need to be mindful of when thinking about how much space you require. With serviced offices the beauty in them is the flexibility, so whilst it isn’t crucial to have a concrete plan of space as there is a level of leniency within your contract, it is definitely something to bear in mind for a leased office. Contracts typically last from five years upwards and are generally for larger areas of space, with little additional areas to take over or get rid of if the business needs change.


As a general rule, telling your broker (us!) or the office space provider how many people you need to accommodate, should be enough to get the ball rolling. You will soon work out which providers are generous with their desk space and which ones expect you to get cosy. Additionally, that’s what we’re here for – we scope the market and have an understanding of who offers what and which may work best for you. Do get in contact if you would like to chat through anything before looking at what is out there!


You can also use our free office space calculator to get an idea of dimensions too.