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Posted January 30 2018

How To Keep Everyone Happy – The Office Move

If you’re on our website, chances are you’re thinking about an office move. Changing where you work is extremely exciting and is hopefully the start of a new chapter, whether that be upscaling or even downsizing due to the economic climate; it is a chance to make some changes for the better. Of course, there are a fair few considerations to take into account before you make any decisions to ensure that the new space works for the company, the team and your clients. Have a read through to understand some key components when it comes to keeping everyone happy. 

The biggy; ask your team! Of course, you can’t give everyone what they want – particularly if their wish list includes an onsite cinema, spa and football fields – but if you have other members of staff to consider, it is massively important to find out what is important to them. This will open an honest discussion about what is realistic and manage expectations. Make notes of all key points – plus silly ones in case they come to fruition somehow, you never know with office space these days – and work this into your search. From our point of view, things like showers, bike storage, good coffee on site and natural light are pretty crucial for team contentment. Involving the team is another way of getting design inspiration, should your office type require furnishing, and layout ideas. Where people sit and who with is worth noting because this may limit the shape and size of office you go for next. Which feeds in quite nicely to… 

Decor. Small touches like branding, team photos, art, plants etc are personal and encouraging staff to engage with this means you can rally up some interest and give everyone an opportunity to be involved, if they wish to be. It also takes the burden off an individual to have to organise the feel of the space and ends up choosing terrifying gargoyle ornaments in panic (unless that’s the look you’re going for). If you don’t have a lot of space or freedom to choose the interior for your work hub, re-evaluating the way you work is another invaluable way of getting honest feedback from the team. Is everyone happy with open space/cubicles/seating plan/flexible hours? Are there things that can be tweaked now a change is coming?  

Whilst staff and team approval is vital, the office has to reflect the business appropriately. Therefore, location and building style are matters to consider when choosing the next office. As mentioned earlier, the area ideally has to work for colleagues but it has to portray the right image and be suitable for the industry. It’s better to be within the remit of similar businesses than stuck out on your own somewhere. The type of space is another decision that shouldn’t be flippantly made as this can say a lot about the company. Do you want to be seen as a single entity rather than in a large shared space? Do you need to have a social feel with lots of breakout space and casual seating? Whatever you require, it can be found, but there are plenty of things to think about – we can, of course, help and advise what may or may not be suitable. 

Ultimately, your office is an extension of your business and we can work with you so you end up with the most profitable and relevant place of work possible.