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Posted August 01 2018

Sucking Up To The Boss Is Bad For Business.

According to latest research, if you are one of the team who puts on a charming front to the boss then this is likely to result in slacking off later on in the day.

Oregon State University investigated the effect of ‘impression managing’ in staff, which involves tactics to increase popularity and the appearance of being capable to those in charge. However, the work utilised to engage in these behaviours is considered draining and the staff who partake are more likely to engage in ‘bad behaviour’ such as skipping meetings, surfing the internet, complacency towards their work and workplace incivility. The reason being, the employees’ self-control resources get depleted when spending time and effort ‘kissing up’ to their superiors making them less likely to focus fully on their job.

Interestingly, those members of staff with political skills (social astuteness, interpersonal influence, networking ability, and apparent sincerity) were able to perform high levels of impression management and not be deterred from their work later on. These folks are able to schmooze and continue their work as normal, the scamps.

The research determined that workplace leaders have to be conscious that ingratiation from their team can come at a cost to productivity and non-management staff should be aware that utilising these skills can be detrimental and take steps to manage their behaviour accordingly. Unless you have political skills, in which case, crack on with the brown nosing (as if we needed to tell you twice).