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Posted June 06 2018

The Office Space Search: What Not To Do

Looking for new office space – you have a vision of what you want and where you need your business to be; simple. Well, that’s a good start but the reality is often very different once you start exploring the market which can make the process more complicated than first expected. There are a few common errors that we see crop up time and time again when clients embark on the hunt for workspace, so we have pointed the main offenders out to make the search more bearable for you…


Firstly, it’s important to think about the future plans and what is important for the business. Don’t be blinded by what you currently have. We often meet clients who are entrenched in the space they have at the moment – which is helpful for us to know as it guides us towards your style – but find it hard to deviate away from this. If you foresee expansion, merging, rebranding or any other potential change to your company then consider this a possible change in office style. At the very least, it will widen your search. At best, it will suit your company’s success long term – which is what we love to see!


Another common misdemeanor when seeking out an office is to be totally focused on the price. Of course, there will be a budget and we’re not saying to completely ignore that, but don’t miss out on viewing some amazing properties as soon as you hear a figure that isn’t exactly what you were expecting. We’re here to help you negotiate and there are ways in which pricing can be altered with some tweaks on services etc. A good broker will never send you something that is completely out of range so trust us and we will explain if there’s a deal to be done.


Having said that, it is also far too common to get caught out by a contract for office space if you don’t read it fully or ask questions; again, having a broker will help reduce confusion; at Cornerstone we will be with you every step of the way and help as much or as little as you require. We know we’re biased, but we would highly recommend using a broker – make the most of us! We will be able to do all the negotiating on your behalf as well as showing you the full market; there’s a reason we do this for a living…


It is also important not to alienate or ignore the opinions of your staff; if they’re happy, you will be too – check out our previous blog dedicated entirely to this topic HERE.


Finally, and probably most crucially, don’t be closed minded. It may dawn on you that some of the must-haves you first set become less valuable after seeing a work-space that just feels like the best fit. Don’t fight it! That isn’t to say you always need to compromise, but certainly allow yourself to be surprised by the huge and varied market out there.