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Posted October 15 2019

Vital Office Amenities

The days of simple, basic and clean office space being sufficient are well and truly gone. A sturdy bank of desks and four walls will no longer cut it; office workers are now savvy to the long list of benefits that are widely available in a lot of serviced offices and they want in on the fun.

The market has shifted significantly from the ‘blue carpet, white walls and a kettle in the corridor with a sorry pot of limp teabags lingering nearby’ era (official, catchy industry phrase there for you) and we are now expecting to see Scandi style space with Italian-import coffee machines, ping pong tables and yoga classes as standard. And do you know what, why shouldn’t we? Say no to drab space, flip the bird to dreary furniture and dodgy cityscape canvases as an excuse for wall art and allow your business the pleasure of enjoying your office.

Below is a quick tour of some of the most desired office amenities in the current climate. If you agree and want better, get in touch. We can make you fall in love with work again (or at least help you find somewhere you can realign your chakra whilst loathing your job).

Breakout Spaces

Spacious and attractive breakout areas are being offered and utilised in equal measure from buildings and their tenants. Whether it be for having a catch up, informal meeting or just to have lunch with the team, the appeal is clear. Having a comfortable space away from the office can be really beneficial and increase productivity, boost team morale and it’s just nice to have other options, let’s face it. Some of the bigger providers pride themselves on their communal areas and they take centre stage over the private offices. Others are an add on to otherwise great office space. Whatever is more valuable to you and your team depends on how you work, but there is definitely no reason not to have some lovely extra room in your work building.

Food and Drink

How anyone was expected to work without bean to cup coffee once upon a time is beyond us. With good coffee machines available at cost price to office buildings and an impressive range of tea varieties ready to order for fast track delivery, it’s no surprise our offices of today have such enviable refreshments on offer. Not only are the beverages bountiful, some operators will go so far as to providing snacks, breakfasts and regular treats for the masses. If you host a team of foodies, they may well be wising up to this and insist the next move factors in some scran alongside the plentiful natural light.

Showers and Bike Storage

It is rare when these two facilities don’t matter when clients are looking for a new office these days. Whether the showers are for fitness fans or simply to spruce up before a night out, they are definitely a bit of a deal breaker for a lot of businesses. Similarly, secure bike racks are another thing that some companies won’t compromise on. Perhaps this is more a central London demand, though many regional office searches are asking for these as standard, meaning the way we commute to work is just as changeable as the way we work.


Wellness and Community Events

As above indicates, having access to things that make working out easier are really important to office workers. Perhaps this is why buildings that offer wellness events such as running clubs, lunchtime workouts, HIIT classes and yoga have taken off. Furthermore, social gatherings for building residents seem to be an allure with many offices hosting regular meet ups and activities for their tenants.

Hot Desks

It’s not all fun and games though – there are still some more traditional requirements that are in demand when looking at the workplace upgrade. Whilst a private space is very much the norm for larger companies, we are seeing a rise in these clients’ interest in additional hot desks for more flexible members of the team. Being able to allow causal staff a place to work without needing to pay for extra, more expensive, office space, means that remote or flexi-workers can clock in on a less formal basis.

Tech Capability

Another less fancy but very important service is the building’s IT infrastructure. With more and more businesses utilising digital platforms, remote working and storing data in the cloud, the capability of the internet and overall IT structure can be crucial. This is where style over substance is irrelevant and no matter how many perks a workspace can tempt you with, if it can’t handle your basic business needs, they crumble into insignificance.

If you are looking for a new home for your team and would like one or all of these facilities at work, feel free to get in touch or use our search tool at the top of the page to filter through the things you cannot live without.