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Posted December 06 2018

What Makes London Such a Great Place to Work?

London is a clear choice for a lot of office space searches. But why is it so popular? Is it really a good place to set up shop? We look at the various lures of the capital and why it still appeals to businesses despite its notoriously high building rents.


So many companies have a headquarters based in London so there is a large cluster of decision makers and highly proactive areas of a company all together in one place. Having a presence in London adds a certain ‘seriousness’ to a company due to the rub off effect from the big players who have their head offices firmly in the capital.


London is steeped in history, from events and architecture. Landmarks aplenty as well as a constantly changing skyline make having an office here so fascinating. As you see another skyscraper being built, you can’t help but feel excited that you are watching the landscape change and are a part of the story. Additionally, it is impressive to be amongst some of the greatest buildings in the world; St Paul’s cathedral, the Houses of Parliament, the Royal Exchange and Buckingham Palace to name a few. Here you can see the juxtaposition of old and new when compared to modern constructions such as the Lloyd’s Building, The Shard and 30 Mary St Axe. It doesn’t stop with architecture mind, so much has happened in London from politics to inventions and there are hundreds of museums you can visit to learn more along with monuments and plaques dotted around. In more modern times, the London Olympics was an incredible period that united the country from the humble capital and parts of the grounds are still in use, such as Queen Elizabeth Olympic park and velodrome. Perhaps the most significant piece of London trivia though is that this is the place where toilet roll was invented. You’re welcome.


One of the best things about London has to be the diversity; people from all over the globe travel here for new starts, adventure and work opportunities. There are so many mini-communities within the wider mass of people. London is incredibly open to people’s lifestyle choices and preferences whilst also being staunch in beliefs. It has a very progressive approach and there are clubs, societies, work-cultures etc that accommodate a whole host of mindsets. The characters, eccentricities and merging of cultures is rife in London and it makes for a wonderful fuzzy feeling.


London School of Economics, Imperial, King’s, UCL – there are some excellent universities within London and a lot of the graduates end up staying to find work. Therefore, with an office base in the city you are at an advantage of being attractive to a new pool of talent from the graduate alumni. There is also a chance to capitalise on university visits, benefit fairs and company promotional shows that are aimed at students to discuss their career options once they leave college or university. London has lots of great venues for these events and are popular for this very thing.

Things to Do

We couldn’t talk about London based workspace without mentioning that it will keep staff happy. There is so much to do individually or for team bonding. hell, even just for after work drinks and dating. Having a London hub means that your team get the opportunity to discover some of the most popular tourist attractions in the UK as well as hidden gems!

Choice of Space

There really is an office for everyone in London; there is no shortage of styles and sizes. The London office scene is so fast paced that you will often come across something you didn’t realise you wanted! The wellness movement has also erupted over here so the perks and benefits that a lot of office providers offer nowadays is worth investigating. From free breakfasts to yoga classes on the roof terraces, you can really spoil your team without having to lift a finger.

If you are convinced that London office space lives up to the hype, then do have a look through our area guides for advice on where your business may be best suited as each area is unique and can provide different office space options. We also have a blog post which details some of the most popular office locations in London. Or if you would like help finding the ideal space, we are here to assist with that too.