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Posted May 24 2019

Why a Serviced Office in Liverpool Street is Right For You

If you are considering a central office space, you can’t ask for more convenient than offices in Liverpool Street. Based in the heart of the city with excellent links to the other main hubs of London, as well as other parts of the UK, this part of town has plenty to offer by way of location. Furthermore, the compactly populated area is full of history, varied architecture and some great places to socialise and get a good feed! What more could you want from your workplace?


The area’s namesake station was built in 1874 as an extension to the city. It was to allow travel from London through to East Anglia and beyond and was named after the Prime Minister at the time – Lord Liverpool. Not sure that we’ll be seeing a Theresa May Station coming anytime soon…


Notably, Liverpool Street Station serves the area with its mainland train station and three tube links that connect it to the West End, Hammersmith, further East and up near to Essex via the Central Line. Liverpool Street is one of the UK’s busiest stations and houses a staggering 123 MILLION travellers every year.

Whilst Liverpool Street has its own dedicated tube and train station, it is within walking distance of Old Street, Bank and Moorgate stations which also offer a huge array of connectivity. It is a commuter haven and the station itself has a large array of shops, eateries and bars so if the trains aren’t playing ball you won’t find yourself stranded on a cold platform with only a half full vending machine for company.

Food and Drink

Liverpool Street has so many places to visit for impressive food, cocktails and even a view! 110 Bishopsgate a.k.a. Heron Tower is one of the tallest in the city and is home to the famous Duck and Waffle restaurant as well as Sushi Samba. Both are striking and have their own unique appeal. Duck and Waffle is famed for its dish of a duck leg on top of a waffle – you need to try it if you go.

Sushi Samba, unsurprisingly, serves glorious sushi and has a beautiful outdoor area with a giant, orange tree and overlooks the entire city. A truly stunning setting.

An institution of the area includes Dirty Dicks, a late-night pub that takes in the waifs and strays of the midnight closing venues and spits them out come 3am. This old gem serves hearty food and is well known as a long-standing watering hole, originally opening its doors in the 1800’s and has remained ever popular.

An iconic location to grab a bite is the ever-recognisable St Mary Axe, fondly known as the Gherkin (although this is apparently frowned upon now, not that anyone takes a blind bit of notice). There is a restaurant on the ground floor and another on the top floor which has a great feature bar that looks up to the intricate structure at the building’s peak.


Liverpool Street in encased between some wonderful architecture, a real juxtaposition of old and new. 110 Bishopsgate, St Mary Axe and 22 Bishopsgate all stand as iconic examples of modern skyscrapers. There’s also the Lloyds Building with its famous inside-out appearance, known fondly as ‘Bowellism’ architecture due to its similarity to the intestinal system of the human body. Beyond the shiny surface of steel and newer builds, there of course lays aged stone buildings and pillars a plenty. Down the road stand the Royal Exchange and Bank of England which are archetypal structures of the time in which they were built and have become synonymous with London. Such vast variety of building style and design can be found in this tiny section of the capital.

Business Types

Liverpool Street is much broader in terms of business sectors that reside here than the days of just being full of bankers. Whilst plenty of financial companies still happily call it home, there is also a plethora of recruitment, digital, legal and some more creative industries here too. The excellent transport and popularity of the area makes it an ideal location for a real mix of buzzing businesses to thrive.

There is a wealth of office space on and around Liverpool Street and, similarly to the architecture, there is a distinct variation in style and atmosphere. So, whether you’re looking for open plan, trendy and collaborative space for your start-up company, or need something a bit slicker with a more corporate feel, you won’t be hard pressed to find such options here. Do get in touch if you would like us to show you some options in your size and budget range.

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